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Book Club for Movies

Jul 27, 2018

Matt and Ryan invite the comparison this week with A Wrinkle In Time, tune in to find out if they're glorious with a little help from Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle, Robin Williams: Come Inside My Mind, and Clue! Movies!

Jul 20, 2018

Ryan and Matt are Ready for Player One this week, but is he ready for them? What about The Post? Lincoln? Joe Bob Briggs Last Drive In? Kind of!

Jul 12, 2018

One time I went to Sea World with my parents when I was a kid and I got lost so I had to go to this office and there was another lost kid and we sat in this room and played with blocks for a while until my dad showed up, so that's right you guessed it we're doing The Lost Boys this week! With special guests Game Night:...

Jul 6, 2018

Catch up with Ryan and Matt as they catch up with last week's thoughts on Near Dark, not to mention Dracula: Dead and Loving it and Female Prisoner 701: Scorpion! Movies!