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Book Club for Movies

Aug 26, 2020

We sure do understand politics around here, we politics every day, so listen to our deep throats talk about All the President's Men for a few, or stick around for equally authoritative babbling about The Neverending Story, Better Off Dead, Back to the Future bells, Star Trek 2-4-6, and DC Fandome outta nowheres!

Aug 18, 2020

We punt on All the President’s Men until next week and instead do the rest of the show for an entire show, so if you have hankering for Mr. Deeds, Top Gun, Space Camp, Space Cowboys, Firebirds, West Side Story, Cabaret, The King and I, The Wiz, Little Shop of Horrors, Doomed!, Speed Cubers, Tread (it turns out),...

Aug 12, 2020

What happens when two men that are distinctly NOT of Tai Chi get together to talk about THE Man of Tai Chi? Quite a bit, it turns out, so my apologies to that guy from Film Studies 101, maybe you'd prefer a quick discussion of Miller's Crossing, Super Size Me, or Catfish instead? Movies!

Aug 5, 2020

Hello, this week we interminably talk about The Old Guard with a little help from The Losers (the movie, not the podcast hosts) and Guns Akimbo (Harry Potter).